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participatory media art meetups

circuitBoard media arts meetups are a participatory space for investigating the way we prototype and interact with technology and artifacts. For an Independent Study project in CU's Critical Media Practices, PhD student Kimberley Bianca is interested in how social peer-to-peer processes can encourage artists to engage in dialogue around sustainability, and manage resources based on trust and cooperation. circuitBoard meetups aim to generate new concepts of how we distribute technology and tools in creative, social spaces and to identify ways of sharing agency with others.

Look carefully at the so-called immaterial world of the information age: it takes a lot of material to realise the immaterial. The overly euphoric inhabitants of virtual worlds who wish to leave their bodies overlook the obvious facts that the networks which convey their fantasy-existence are made of parts assembled in Malaysia or Taiwan or Mexico or in other low wage countries. (Garrin, 1997)

Activities involve creating prototypes with challenges such as:

   - seeing what we can create together with limited technology

   - exchanging our equipment with others to see what we can create with each other's tools and instruments

   - an open mic where anyone can join another's performance/demo

Meetup Dates:

   - Feb 24: Boulder Public Library

   - March 23: NOW ONLINE - part 1

   - March 30: NOW ONLINE - part 2

   - April 20: Solid State/ ONLINE /