Hey there, I'm Kimberley, and I've been growing concerned with the consumption of technological resources in the expanding creative industries. As part of the PhD in Emergent Technologies and Media Arts Practices at CU Boulder, I will research peer-to-peer tools for investigating the social, cognitive, ecological and technological dimensions of sustainable media arts practices.

This proposal is for developing peer-to-peer platform of the trading arts-centered technologies. Whether this is completed in the PhD or only designed is dependant on necessity, co-developers, and resources available. The aim of the platform is for the exchange of electronics and media arts assets and to find a way to track the invisible networks of interactions with artifacts.

This version of the website is a brainstorming project for the platform. I hope that the platform will eventually be created and designed with collaborators for more secure, open and serious use. The next stage of this project will be on the chat client.

Get in touch if you'd like to join me in developing this.


circuit:board chat client will run on riot.im
About riot.im
Riot is a free and open-source platform built with Matrix communications protocol which enables group & one-one chat, group or team collaboration, file sharing, file and link embeds, video conferencing, and it's features are only growing. You can use it as a single-use guest in your browser, or start an account and use it on desktop, iOS, and Android. Find out more here

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