Hey there, I'm Kimberley, a PhD student in Emergent Technologies and Media Arts Practices at CU Boulder, I'm researching peer-to-peer tools for investigating the social, cognitive, ecological and technological dimensions of sustainable media arts practices.

circuitBoard is a blended-media arts platform that fosters creative and actionable responses around e-waste, social justice, and exchanging community resources. circuitBoard can be seen as a prototype of an alternative trading, peer-production, and skills-training community platform. The forming of community partnerships offers cross-generational possibilities to access technologies that can empower individuals socially and economically. Rather than relying solely on corporations to implement greener processes and circular manufacturing, I propose there are creative possibilities too— communities are agents of change and can be highly influential in raising awareness of environmental and social issues, revealing peer-to-peer, community, and national implications around sustainability and equitable access to technology. How can we be engaged with the goals of sustainability as a stimulant, not as a restriction?

This version of the website is a brainstorming project for the platform. I hope that the platform will eventually be created and designed with collaborators for more secure, open and serious use. The next stage of this project will be on the chat client.






This is a research project of Kimberley Bianca

​Get in touch if you'd like to join me in developing this.


Look carefully at the so-called immaterial world of the information age: it takes a lot of material to realise the immaterial. The overly euphoric inhabitants of virtual worlds who wish to leave their bodies overlook the obvious facts that the networks which convey their fantasy-existence are made of parts assembled in Malaysia or Taiwan or Mexico or in other low wage countries. (Garrin, 1997)

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