Collapse OS

Collapse OS (, created by software artist/developer, Virgil Dupras, was built on the premise that the global supply chain for consumer electronics will collapse by 2030. Dupras suggests that civilians will not be able to produce most electronics independently since the supply chains in place are too complicated to reproduce. Dupras has claimed that his “starter kit” will allow citizens to resolve this dilemma. On the Collapse OS website description, Dupras states that when parts can no longer be produced, but billions of parts exist in reserve, people can salvage and scavenge for components to rebuild devices. Moreover, Dupras argues that those who can create new designs with low-tech tools will provide communities with power and advantages in a future society.

See it in action

Michael Schierl has put together a set of emulators running in the browser that run Collapse OS in different contexts.

Using those while following along with the User Guide is your quickest path to giving Collapse OS a try.


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