The Circuit: Tracking America's Electronic Waste

The United States is the world leader in producing the most e-waste, followed closely by China; both countries domestically recycle and export e-waste. In this video, the investigators tracked 200 electronics disposed of in the US at various donation drops, e-waste initiatives etc.

You buy a new phone or computer and you take your old one to a local recycler. It’s the green thing to do, right? Well, it turns out a lot of those devices may not be getting recycled at all. The United States is the single largest producer of electronic waste, generating almost 8 million tons a year. Our EarthFix team follows the e-waste trail. Producers: Katie Campbell and Ken Christensen Photographers/Editors: Ken Christensen and Katie Campbell Graphics: Madeleine Pisaneschi Additional editing: Amy Mahardy Production support: Carolin Jones Translators: Dongxia Su, Jade Vong Tracking data map: MIT Senseable City Lab, Basel Action Network Additional photography: Basel Action Network


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